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About Land Group
Public Welfare

Public Welfare

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Land Group has made a lot of contribution to the world of love

For many years, Land Group has been adhering to the concept of "based on society and serve the society", and has implemented public welfare activities in various ways, covering the fields of basic education, donation and cultural undertakings.


In February 2022, Land Group donated RMB 200,000 to Changshu Charity Federation for COVID-19 prevention


In February 2020, during COVID-19 pandemic, Land Group donated RMB 420,000 to the Taicang medical team to assist Hubei and won the donation certificate issued by the Red Cross of Taicang.


In August 2019, Taicang Chamber of Commerce for New Generation Entrepreneurs was awarded a plaque of "Donation to Assist Education and Help the Poor" from Hope Public Welfare Service Centre in Lingwu, Ningxia


In August 2019, Taicang Chamber of Commerce for New Generation Entrepreneurs was awarded a banner of "Charity Shows True Love and Donations Warm Hearts” from Lingwu Fifth Kindergarten 


In August 2017, Land Group was awarded a banner of "Focus on Campus Football and Build Social Responsibility" from Taicang Campus Football Club


In May 2015, Land Group was awarded a banner of “Enthusiastic in Public Welfare and Devote True Love to People in Need” from Taicang Volunteer Association


In April 2013, Land Group signed a cooperation agreement with Nanjing Audit University and was awarded a plaque of “Campus Employment and Practice Base”


In June 2012, Land Group was granted a special award of “Enthusiastic in Children's Public Welfare Activities” from Taicang Youth Activity Centre



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