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Suzhou World Property Management Co., Ltd., under Suzhou Land Group, has a hotel-style five-star property management concept in managing industrial park and high-end business building, and serving German-invested companies, and is honored as "house keeper for German companies". Adhering to the hotel-style humanized operation strategy of "one-business oriented multi-operation", World Property bases main business on managing industrial park and business building, it also manages industrial property, business property, public property and government property, aiming to provide support for high-efficient operation of Land Group's industrial park projects. 


The service and profit mode of World Property are based on discretionary services and also include one-way service entrusted management, subcontracting service, and extended services. With R & D on property service, plan and operation as core technologies, World Property integrates hotel-style service concept, way of business thinking and management method into process specification of property management. World relies on market-oriented operation to create sample regional project to realize regional rolling development. 


World Property always insists on the starting point of "improving service quality, rationally allocating resource, extending property business model, ensuring service standardization, and meeting differentiated needs of owners", uses "no business complaint, no defective service, no management blind spot, and no engineering hidden danger" as work standard, and fully implements standardized process management of property to enable the guaranteed process to completely cover all management procedure. After many years of management innovation, service expansion, World Property has accumulated mature experience in property management and built a professional management service team and a complete service management system. 


World Property fully implements scientific property management mode that separates the management and operation, focuses on managing large-scale logistics supporting service, and establishes service mode of "all-round, whole process, large-scale logistics and big housekeeper", targeting at providing professional service and technical support to property project. 

World Advantage

丨Serve the global sixth German Centre

By serving global sixth German Centre, World Property is gradually being in line with international property management standard in aspects of technical capability, management mode, and professional experience. 

丨Has comprehensive service advantage in whole industrial chain of real estate 

Originally under property company of the developer, World Property has the capability to involve in the process of developing and constructing property project at early stage.

■ Investment decision-making: provide referential opinion on project site selection, market positioning, potential owners, surrounding business, traffic condition, etc.

■ Planning and design: provide comments or suggestions from the perspective of use, maintenance, management, and operation of project, future function adjustment, value preservation and increase (such as overall layout and function of property, daily management, selection of facility, equipment and material, supporting public construction, etc.).

■ Construction: send engineering and technical personnel to construction site to participate in site management during construction phase, follow up construction progress and supervise construction quality.

■ Acceptance upon completion: inspect according to the acceptance standard of building takeover, collect and summarize problems existing in design and construction, and formulate solutions in advance.

丨Rich experience in urban complex management services

11 years' accumulated experience in operation and management of 800,000㎡ urban complex.

丨High-end business building operation management experience

Successfully operated Land Dongting Building (the first office building in Taicang adopting MOBO operation and management), and has the ability to tailor service management solutions for high-end business buildings.

丨Rich experience in facility equipment management

Intelligent control and scientific management of building facility and equipment reduce cost and improve efficiency.

丨Star hotel grade service

Hotel grade service standard is capable of providing owners with private, distinguished and personalized high-quality service.

Strategic Cooperation

World Property wishes to cooperate with more real estate developers, property companies, governments and various enterprises and institutions to promote scientific and advanced management mode and innovative service system in the society, so that more owners can enjoy high-quality and considerate service from World Property.
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