For many years, Suzhou Land Group has actively promoted the cooperation and exchange among Chinese and German companies in highly advanced fields such as economy, trade, finance, culture, education, technology transformation and exchange, integrated five platforms built by China and the west, cooperated with the government to build six platforms, and actively promoted the combination of "German Industry 4.0" and "Made in China 2025". Land Group has accumulated sufficient resource advantages, successful international cases and experiences in the field of cooperation and exchange with Germany.

Integrate five platforms built by China and the west


Platform 1 · Sino-German MOBO National Innovation Centre

Sino-German MOBO Innovation Centre, invested and operated by Suzhou Land Group, is listed by the Torch High-tech Industry Development Centre under Ministry of Science and Technology of P.R. China as national-level innovation centre. Meanwhile, it signs a formal strategic cooperation agreement with German Factory Campus. With technology conversion and culture innovation as incubation direction, the centre aims to use the MOBO operation service system developed by Land Group to establish a MOBO entrepreneurial community ecosystem, build a platform for free trade and transformation of technology, capital and market, and provide settled enterprises with entrepreneurial space and high-quality supporting services.  


Platform 2 · Sino-German MOBO Provincial Technology Company Incubator

Entitled as Jiangsu provincial-level incubator, Sino-German MOBO Technology Company Incubator implements seven-in-one industrial incubation model. Relying on Sino-German cooperation platform and resources, the incubator uses MOBO service system to provide start-up companies beginning to take shape with comprehensive "acceleration service" including but not limited to matching companies with qualified German technical partners, channel suppliers, German marketing plans, etc.


Platform 3 · Sino-German Industrial and Commercial Technology Consulting Service Centre

Suzhou Land Group pays high attention to Sino-German seminar, training and cultivation of education industry. The discussion, research, implementation and establishment of projects such as German dual education, Sino-German training enrich Land Group's business type and provide a new development direction for Land's business transformation.

The German dual education system is well known as the "secret weapon" of world-leading German manufacturing. Suzhou Land Group, together with German dual system international education cooperation project, several German companies and vocational institutions, jointly build the city's "competence centre (dual system training centre)" to provide advanced international training equipment and courses, cultivate high-quality application-oriented talents adaptable to China's intelligent manufacturing development for vocational institutions, and improve advanced technologies and skills for company workers.

The Sino-German training business, managed and operated by Rand under Land Group, is mainly dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions such as Sino-German two-way investment invitation and business management consulting to local governments at all levels and Chinese and foreign companies.


Platform 4 · Sino-German Cultural Exchange Centre

Hismoon Gallery, under Suzhou Land Group, is the first Sino-German culture exchange centre in Suzhou. Nowadays Sino-German cooperation is not only in advanced manufacturing cluster but also expanding to finance and cultural industry. Sino-German cooperation is gradually beginning to cover fields including art, culture, human ecology, social welfare, etc. Hismoon Gallery will build bridge for Sino-German art works and exchange of Sino-German artists, showing the thinking and exploration of these artists on inheritance of their traditional cultures and integration of diversified cultures.


Platform 5 · Sino-German MOBO Business Centre

Suzhou Land Group not only independently developed and obtained the patent for operation and management brand "MOBO", but also established Sino-German MOBO Business Centre, which is dedicated to professional high-quality business service and value chain operation and aims to become “home of Germany” for German companies in Taizhou. As a partner of Taicang German Centre, the business centre provides business service and value chain operation platform for Sino-German company cooperation, Sino-German cultural exchange, and company resource sharing.

Business Front Desk

Multi-function Hall

Business Restaurant

Executive Lounge


Cooperate with government to build six platforms


Platform 1 · German Jiangsu General Chamber of Commerce

On December 18, 2017, the founding meeting of German Jiangsu General Chamber of Commerce was grandly held in Dusseldorf. The participants included Ding Rongyu, vice chairman of Jiangsu Federation of Industry and Commerce, Dr. Fu Qiang from German NRW Economic Promotion Agency, Josef Kremer, CDU of Dinslaken City Council, leader of SPD party and CEO of Stadtwerke Dinslaken, Ralf Meurer, general manager of GFW Duisburg of Duisburg Economic Promotion Bureau, and other German guests, as well as presidents and representatives of major Chinese associations in Germany, and some colleagues from the German Jiangsu General Chamber of Commerce. During the meeting, recommended by Jiangsu Federation of Industry and Commerce, Ye Feng, chairman of Suzhou Land Group, was appointed as the executive chairman of German Jiangsu General Chamber of Commerce, and Gu Wenwen, president of Suzhou Land Group, was appointed as the deputy secretary-general of German Jiangsu General Chamber of Commerce.


Platform 2 · The sixth German Centre in the world

On March 31, 2015, Taicang German Centre and Suzhou Land Group signed a formal cooperation agreement, marking the official settlement of the global sixth German Centre and the third in China in Land Dongting Building. The participants included Zhou Naixiang, member of Standing Committee of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and secretary of Suzhou Municipal Party Committee, Markus Söder, governor of Bavaria, Germany, Peter Rothen, consul general of German Consulate General in Shanghai, Wang Jianfeng, member of Standing Committee of Nantong Municipal Party Committee and deputy mayor, Shen Mi, secretary of Taicang Municipal Party Committee, Christian Sommer, CEO of Shanghai German Centre, Matthias Müller, CEO of Taicang German Centre, and Ye Feng, chairman of Suzhou Land Group. Taicang German Centre is an investigation, research and investment invitation centre established especially for German-invested companies to enter international market. It was just one year since Centre's opening and operation that 25 companies had already settled in, of which 18 are German companies, and the others are from Switzerland, Canada, etc. The businesses cover fields including machinery, precision manufacturing, management consulting, trade, IT network, etc. Taicang German Centre is becoming an important platform for high-quality, in-depth, wide-scope cooperation and exchange among Sino-German companies.

Zhou Naixiang, member of Standing Committee of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and secretary of Suzhou Municipal Party Committee, met with Markus Söder, governor of Bavaria, Germany

Ye Feng, chairman of Suzhou Land Group, attended the signing ceremony

Opening ceremony of Taicang German Centre

Interior view of Taicang German Centre


Platform 3 · Chamber of Commerce for New Generation Entrepreneurs

In order to serve the implementation of "Made in China 2025" and "Industry 4.0" development strategies and promote industrial upgrade, Suzhou Land Group initiated the establishment of Taicang Chamber of Commerce for New Generation Entrepreneurs, which obtained the support of local government, numerous German companies and local Chinese companies. The chamber of commerce aims to establish connection among local manufacturing companies and German-invested companies, deepen cooperation with Germany, and implement more multi-level exchange and cooperation including linkage between production and demand, joint research and development, capital, talents, etc., build platform for Sino-German industrial innovation, research, practice and exchange, jointly discuss about industry and market opportunities under the new situation, and promote the realization of a new round of industrial upgrade centred on automation, digitalization and intelligence at national and local levels.


Platform 4 · Sino-German Friendship Kindergarten

The Sino-German Friendship Kindergarten is another achievement of Taicang's education cooperation with Germany after the successful introduction of German "dual system" vocational education model. The construction of Sino-German Friendship Kindergarten is not only to meet the actual needs for education on children of German employees, but also necessary for deepening comprehensive Sino-German exchange in art, education, etc. 


Platform 5 · Sino-German (Taicang) Cooperation Achievement Exhibition Hall

The Sino-German (Taicang) Cooperation Achievement Exhibition Hall is located on the first floor of Land Rhine City Square. The exhibition hall focuses on presenting main achievements of Taicang's cooperation with Germany for more than 20 years, including cooperation history, major honors, overall industry layout, cultural exchange with Germany, introduction of German-invested companies and their featured products, future development thought, etc. The hall not only provides exhibition service for German companies, but also offers an important platform for Chinese companies to learn and refer from development experience of German companies and helps promote in-depth exchange and cooperation among Chinese and German companies.


Platform 6 · Taicang German Overseas Students Pioneer Park

Located in the south building of Land Rhine City Square, Taicang German Overseas Students Pioneer Park is an important platform for attracting overseas students to return and start businesses in Taicang and supporting development of their companies. The park provides services including entrepreneurship tutoring, qualification agency, project application guidance and consulting, investment and financing consulting, etc. It is dedicated to incubating high-tech start-ups such as information technology, new material, precision machinery, and environmental protection technology, and building public platform and industry carrier for high-tech companies to integrate R & D, technology innovation and product pilot test. Since its official operation in 2014, the park has gradually become a highland for Taicang to bring in talents from Germany and German wisdom.



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