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Financial Investment and Management

Financial Investment and Management





Suzhou Land Group invested in the bio-pharmaceutical sector of Suzhou Equity Investment Fund, aiming to actively promote the establishment and development of pharmaceutical R&D companies. Land Group and Jiangsu Tech Industry Investment are preparing to cooperate on a real estate fund based on investment in industrial parks, aiming at cultivate, incubate and support industrial development through capital investment. 


Investment and Financing, Merger and Acquisition


Suzhou Land Group actively promotes the transformation of industrial park projects from traditional development to industrial finance. With rich experience in project operation and Sino-German cooperation, and brand advantage, Land Group cooperates with relevant capital to transform and upgrade the projects and is dedicated to promoting regional industrial optimized cluster, aiming at ultimately achieve a multi-win strategic pattern for government, capital, market and company.


On June 20, 2017, Suzhou Land Group and Malaysia Liu Die Group signed a cooperation agreement on investment, merger and acquisition of cross-border industrial carriers, marking the launching of business in investment, financing, merger and acquisition to serve hundreds of advanced manufacturers in local national-level development zone.


Cultural and Sports Industry Investment


Suzhou Land Group is a comprehensive group company with diversified businesses. Besides the active expansion of real estate business, Land Group also focuses on investing in industries with high growth ability, huge development potential and in line with national development strategy. Adapting to globalized economic development, Land Group seeks stable and reasonable asset allocation portfolio to promote wealth conversion that realizes commercial value through operations and technology. At present, Land has invested in industries including culture and sports, and plan to invest in health industry.


Cultural industry – registered and established "Dajiang Youpin (Suzhou) Cultural Development Co., Ltd."▼


Suzhou, with a history of nearly 2,500 years, is the birthplace of Wu culture and one of the first batch of 24 national-level historical and cultural cities in China. Dajiang Youpin (Suzhou) Cultural Development Co., Ltd. is jointly established by Suzhou Land Group, Suzhou Heima Qishi, Jiangsu Addor Capital, and Jiangsu Zijin Cultural Industry Development Fund. 


Based on Suzhou's profound cultural accumulation, Dajiang Youpin integrates cultural IP, product development, physical store, and commercial operation. The business covers fields including handicraft sale, intellectual property agency, cultural and art creation, exhibition services., etc.


The company is dedicated to creating a service platform for artists and craftsmen. It collects cultural IP of inheritors, artists, and craftsmen through copyright buyout, cooperative development, authorized operation, and production line matching. The cross-grafting and implantation of culture IP promote creation of diversified cross-industry, cross-field, cross-business products. The building of Suzhou cultural IP trading market realizes market promotion of achievements, cross-field conversion and coordinated upgrade of production capacity. In the future, the fourth cultural exchange possessing product, market and exchange volume will be established in China. The development of cultural creative products, product promotion and external development will upgrade Suzhou into "China's cultural creative centre", shape its international image of "China's cultural creative city", and form urban industrial competitiveness that is as powerful as technology in Silicon Valley and movie and television in Hollywood. 

Sports Industry - Invested and established "Taicang Campus Football Club"▼


Under the new formation of economic development, the sports industry plays an important role in stabilizing growth, promoting reform, adjusting structure, and benefiting livelihood. The constantly improving policy environment gradually forms a good situation in which government supports and guides relevant departments to implement interactive cooperation with active social response and capital participation. Meanwhile, the development of China's sports industry is still at the initial stage and there is a large gap between effective supply and actual demand. In order to implement the national sports industry development strategy and promote sports industry upgrade, Suzhou Land Group, based on reality situation of the country and city, actively explores the integration and development among sports, real estate, tourism, culture, education, medical care, and internet. The cross-field exploration will expand industry scope and make contribution to sports industry in China. 


"No sports, no Land". Since the establishment of Suzhou Land Group, sports have long become the organic component of corporate spirit. At present, the company has sponsored the Taicang Campus Football Club for many consecutive years to help the development of national and urban football industry. In the future, combining the advantages in development, construction, and operation of business real estate, Land Group will focus on Sino-German sports cultural exchange and effectively link government, capital, resource and IP. Moreover, Land will closely cooperate with domestic and foreign companies in professional operation, investment invitation, and service industries to jointly build public sports service system that meets diversified needs from professional matches and the general public, and deeply dig profit model of sports industry.  

Introduction to Taicang Campus Football Club: The name of club is originated from five-hundred-year-old wisteria in the original address of Taicang No.1 Middle School, implying the inherited team belief of cherishing fate and every reunion. The football club registered in Taicang Football Association in 2012 and is currently competing in the Taicang Football Super League. 

In 2014, approved by Taicang Municipal Sports Bureau, the club was registered in Civil Affairs Bureau as Taicang Wisteria Football Club and is a non-profit sporting social organization. In 2016, it was renamed as Taicang Campus Football Club. The club mainly connects with campus football activities in Taicang, including training and match of campus team and city team, campus football league and cup, training of PE teachers and coaches, and relevant public welfare activities.



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