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About Land Group
Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

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Work Together with Land for a Win-Win Future

Suzhou Land Group has a vision.


Based on rich industrial investment, operation experience and in-depth international insight, we enable regional industrial revitalization and deepen international cooperation and investment. Through our own efforts, we hope to promote clustering and upgrade of governments of all levels; provide standardized business service and value chain operation to industrial parks, business buildings and enterprises through our self-developed MOBO operation management model; promote intelligent reform and digital transformation for industrial enterprises through digital and de-carbon technology application by two technology companies under Land: Sieland Digital Technology (cooperative company with Siemens) and Biland Intelligent Technology (joint venture with Baidu); and be a company that is "trustworthy and respected". We are very serious in setting such a vision. Once it is set, we are ready to work very hard to realize it.


Through decades of strive, the current Land treats city development and enterprise growth as origin, bases on the Yangtze River Delta with keen market vision and outstanding operation capability and conducts services covering the whole nation and even overseas markets. Land forms a professional team that is brave in striving and innovation, and nurtures open, innovative and constant dream-seeking culture. Through decades of cultivation, Suzhou Land Group’s business layout expands from the Yangtze River Delta to overseas markets such as the Middle East and Europe and the expansion is continuing. Land serves around 23 industrial park projects invested, operated and managed by around 400 Euro-US enterprises, with an total area of over 3 million m² and tax payment per mu of over RMB 1.2 million. Land determines five industrial park standards, builds high-standard industrial parks such as Changshu High-tech Zone MOBO Collaborative Innovative Industrial Park (Siemens’ first smart park in China), and Shanghai Suzhou Zero Carbon MOBO Digital Industrial Park (2.5 park), builds regional benchmarking industrial carriers such as Land Dongting Building•German Centre and Sino-Euro MOBO Joint Innovation Centre (under construction), and makes contribution to the digital upgrade, advanced manufacturing industry clustering and construction, and industry-city integrated and sustainable development in the Yangtze River Delta.


Enterprises cannot develop without the support from all sectors of society. Suzhou Land Group, a corporate citizen, always insists on taking company development and social responsibility as supporting points, and fulfills due responsibility and obligation in professional fields.


The growth of Suzhou Land Group benefits from the overall environment of political and economic development, as well as the fact that we learn and summarize in practices the laws of company management. But more importantly, we are constantly pursuing higher goals.


Yesterday, by touching stones we crossed river to explore living space; today, we move forward on thin ice to gain a market place; tomorrow, we may experience storms and hardships, however, the great efforts and selfless contributions from all team members make Land Group's vigorous development unstoppable. The trust and support from all people with common goals give Land Group courage to make big steps forward. Therefore, we firmly believe that in the future, Land Group will become a company respected by everyone in the society, every job position in the company will become a competing position for all applicants, and every family of our employees will be envied. Meanwhile, we also firmly believe that all our efforts will obtain fair return from markets and give more satisfactory feedbacks to investors, employees and society.


In the big changes unseen within 100 years, Land always has active attitude to bravely accept changes as normal situation, insists on innovative development, respects markets, cherishes the fate with every cooperation partners, insists on integrated development and  collaborative development with selfless wisdom. As a private enterprise that started 25 years ago under the background of reform and open up, Land Group should actively responds to the latest national call of “private enterprises should be brave for adventure”, view crises dialectically, endeavor to create new opportunity in crises, maintain strategic focus, expand development tension and add new energy to the high-quality development of regional economy.


Industries bring glory to cities!

Ye Feng,  Chairman of Land Group



Address: NO.319 Middle Zhenghe Road, German Centre, Land Dongting Building, Taicang, Suzhou

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