Maintain Strategic Focus, Expand Development Tension – Suzhou Land Group 2022 Summary and Commendation Conference was Successfully Held

Maintain Strategic Focus, Expand Development Tension – Suzhou Land Group 2022 Summary and Commendation Conference was Successfully Held

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(Summary description)On January 14th, 2023, Suzhou Land Group 2022 summary and commendation conference was successfully held. With “maintain strategic focus and expand development tension” as the main theme

Maintain Strategic Focus, Expand Development Tension – Suzhou Land Group 2022 Summary and Commendation Conference was Successfully Held

(Summary description)On January 14th, 2023, Suzhou Land Group 2022 summary and commendation conference was successfully held. With “maintain strategic focus and expand development tension” as the main theme

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  • Time of issue:2023-10-19 11:13
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Date of news: January 14th, 2023

On January 14th, 2023, Suzhou Land Group 2022 summary and commendation conference was successfully held. With “maintain strategic focus and expand development tension” as the main theme, the conference aims to further ensure the deep promotion and implementation of 3rd stage of 5-year strategic goal at the critical business rapid development moment, and realize co-frequency resonance and integrated development of Land Group and its subsidiaries. Participants include Mr. Ye Feng, the group chairman, Ms. Gu Wenwen, the group president, Ms. Xu Lili, the group vice president and general manager of World Property, Mr. Xu Jie, the group vice president and Changshu Management Center general manager, and all staff of the group and its subsidiaries.



 1) Maintain strategic focus – numerous achievements at mid-stage of the strategy



Gu Wenwen, the group president, delivered a 2022 summary report and systematically deployed 2023 key tasks for each business. In early 2020, the group officially defined first 5-year development strategy at third development stage(hereinafter referred to as “315 strategy”) and proposed the development direction of “heavy and light assets balanced investment, MOBO enablement, and win through growth”. In 2022, the group further established the pattern of “industry + digitalization and intelligence + operation” three carriages integrated development. Reviewing the past 3 years and facing complicated micro-situation and repeated impact of COVID 19 epidemic, the group always assists on the strategic goal, treats industrial operation as core, digitalization and decarbonization as dual wings, achieves milestone development results at mid-stage of 315 strategy, and lays foundation for successful completion of the 5-year strategy.


City sample building of “industry + digitalization and decarbonization + operation” begins to take effect in Changshu

Biland Intelligent Technology (joint venture with Baidu) and Sieland Digital Technology (cooperative company with Siemens) build technological city moat

• MOBO explores ways from core region to north of the Yangtze River Delta, and actively lays out northeast, middle and west regions

Launch the building of Sino-Euro (German) MOBO Joint Innovation Centre

Prepare to establish China Centre in Germany


2) Expand development tension – explore for innovation, strive for progress


Development result fully proves the correctness of group strategic goal, and shows the importance of maintaining strategic focus during passive economic cycle. Further expanding development tension to speed up business development quantity, expand business territory, and increase sales revenue and profit, is the group’s new requirement at current development stage.



1. Management upgrade

The group has entered into international and multi-subsidiary management pattern, if management tension is not timely enhanced, development tension will be restricted. Management department should think about increase management level and efficiency through a series of innovative measures such as digital management tool, flexible performance management, training and culture organization.



2. Strong professionalization

Close integration of business model and group strategy development require to improve professional capability, form duplicable standard products and service system according to main business targets and different business types, strengthen professional knowledge update and skill reserve, clear value proposition, and enhance Land comparative advantage.


3. Integrated development

Five businesses including industrial park investment and operation, Sino-German cooperation and exchange, industrial digital and de-carbon service, financial investment and management, hotel and property management, form closed loop with industry as inner core. Land unifies language among businesses, makes ecology play a valuable role, better enables regional industrial upgrade and promote local economic development.


3) Struggling to sail and keep moving forward


In 2022, the group and its subsidiaries adhere to the original aspiration of seeking truth and pragmatism, overcome the influence of disadvantage factors, achieve fruitful results in various businesses, and exceed expected goals.


 Siemens Changshu Digital Enablement Center and Baidu AI Industrial Base officially started to operate  

 Biland Intelligent Technology (Joint venture with Baidu), Sieland Digital Technology (Cooperative company with Siemens) operate at high starting point. Treating Changshu as the original point, both companies serve the digital and intelligent transformation and upgrade of Changshu enterprises with high efficiency.

 Reserve multiple city-level cooperation, and actively lay out Huaihai, northeast, middle and west regions 

 Changshu Huihuang project was completed 6 months ahead of schedule

 Property and hotel completed set goals and enter into new stage of regional management



2023 is the year to accelerate and overcome difficulties under 5-year strategy, and is the year for management innovation under group new development stage and management pattern.

Land Group will continuously make management play its core role, enhance management level and efficiency, promote group and its subsidiary to realize operation goals, continuously increase investment in Changshu, launch market layout in Huaihai economic circle, further build benchmarking project, cluster high-quality domestic and foreign industries and realize rapid development of Land’s full ecological businesses based on industries.


4) To time and colleagues


2022 is the 25th anniversary since company start-up and 15th anniversary since group establishment. 15 years’ hardship witnessed group growth, and 25 years witnessed Land staff’s progress and innovation. Land’s significant development relies on the accompany of all staff. On this occasion, the group specially set 15th anniversary dedication memorial award to thank all staff who work for Land for 10 years and above.



Land Group 15th anniversary dedication memorial award:

Gu Wenwen, Xu Lili, Xu Jie, Zhu Hong, Wang Haibing, Chen Xiaohong, Pan Xujun, Wang Ning, Xie Tian, Han Ziehua, Gu Lin, Lu Yiqing, Gao Yanli, Lu Huaijun, Shi Xiaoyan, Xu Yanping, Wen Jinfeng, Wu Chao, Chen Li, Zhu Lei, Wang Jianxin


Suzhou Land Group award list: 

Land Group Best newcomer award Yan Shuanghui

Land Group outstanding individual award  Zhuhong, Wang Haibing, Gulinling, Wang Ning, Li Yuewen, Wang Lan

Land Group new prominent award  Wang Guoqing, Chen Peibei, Zhang Kailin

Land Group management pioneer award  Xu Jie

Land Group individual champion award  Zhuang Zhen

Land Group team champion  Department of comprehensive management


Suzhou World Property award list:

World Property best newcomer award  Zhu Yi, Wang Jiangang

World Property excellent manager award  Wen Jinfeng

World Property outstanding property staff award  Zhu Lei

World Property dedication award  Sun Ziyi, Hou Lijun, Chen Zhijun, Yu Youxiang, Yang Xiaodong, Cao Jungang, Yang Yan, Wu Shilin, Dai Liwen, Zhu Mingqi  

World Property excellent team award  Department of finance, Collaborative project management team


Land Rhine Hotel award list:

Land Rhine Hotel best newcomer award  Caizeng, Heng Gen, Chen Shangyuan

Land Rhine Hotel best progress award  Ou Jianhui, Liu Jie, Chen Yaping

Land Rhine Hotel dedication award  Wen Guohua, Hu Yucong, Zhu Jun

Land Rhine Hotel best service award  Zhu Zhuoyue, Zhang Chunrao, Zhou Rongrong

Land Rhine Hotel excellent team award  Department of marketing, Department of room service, Department of catering – front lobby


5) Innovation, collaboration, integration



At the end of conference, Mr. Ye Feng, the group chairman, delivered new year speech. On behalf on the board of directors, Ye Feng expressed recognition to the strategic implementation result of the group and its subsidiaries in 2022, and expressed thanks to the hard work from management team and all staff. Targeting at key works in 2023, Ye Feng addressed that under the backgrounds of business changes from regionalization to globalization, establishment of China Centre in Germany to strengthen Sino-German cooperation and deepening integrated development with international leading enterprises such as Siemens and Baidu, it is a new question and challenge for the management of all levels on how to grasp the development opportunity on digitalization and decarbonization racing tracks, further enrich and complete MOBO meaning, and use international view to redefine Land.


Ye Feng addressed that in the huge changes unseen in a century, we should actively accept change as normal situation, insist on innovative development, respect market, cherish the fate with every cooperation partners, insist on integrated development, and insist on collaborative development with selfless wisdom. As a private enterprise that started 25 years ago under the background of reform and open up, it should actively respond to the latest national call of “be brave for adventure”, view crises dialectically, endeavor to create new opportunity in crises, maintain strategic focus, expand development tension and add new energy to the high-quality development of regional economy.



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